Looking for help for R

As you probably all know, Cantor currently has 4 available Backends: Sage, Maxima, KAlgebra and R. While the first 2 are in pretty good shape, as they are what I mainly use, and KAlgebra is maintained by apol, the R backend of Cantor is still lagging behind.

It started out as an afternoon hacking rush, and hasn’t changed much ever since. Mostly because I don’t have much usage for it at the moment.

While it does support the basics (running a command and showing the results) it does miss a lot of the nice features, Cantor is offering, like Tab-Completion, Syntax Highlighting or Assistant dialogs.

The feedback I got for Cantor so far tells that quite some people want to use R as backend, so I feel a bit bad that it is only a second class citizen in the family.

So I’m looking out for some help making the R support as good as the other backends (or even better). If you are a developer with needs for a nice statistical app and looking for a new challenge, please drop me a mail, and join the Cantor development.


8 Responses to Looking for help for R

  1. Milian Wolff says:

    which reminds me that I should polish the Qalculate backend and try to get it upstream for 4.5 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope someone steps up for the R backend. Cantor is really an awesome project!

  2. nixternal says:

    I will pass this information on to Dirk Eddelbuettel, he is a big R person and the maintainer of R in Debian. Maybe he can lend a hand or find someone who can. I know he is a KDE user too, so that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tsiolkovsky says:

    If you, or someone else, would be willing to be a mentor, this could be one of the project ideas that should be added to Google Summer of Code 2010 ideas list: http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2010/Ideas

  4. seele says:

    Please please please! A KDE app that supports R is awesome! Unfortunately I am not a developer, but if you need any UI help give me a ping ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Giulio says:

      A KDE app for R programming already exists, it’s RKWard.
      It works fairly well as an IDE for R usage.

  5. nixternal says:

    Hey, talked to Dirk really quick via email this evening and he replied with the following:

    So this project may

    a) want to look at my project RIsnide for embedding R in C++ apps

    b) want to register for R’s GSoC 2010 for which I am admin at


    (but we’d need to find a willing mentor…). By the same token maybe KDE’s GSoC would also fit.

    • arieder says:

      funny thing, the current R implementation is already heavily based on code from RInside.

      I’ve added the project to the KDE GSoc page. I guess i could do the Mentoring for the Cantor part, but maybe some Co-Mentor from the R project would be nice.

  6. Manik says:

    RKWard is so feature rich. Just look at the screenshots.
    It would need a lot of work to be up and running at that pace.
    rkward-0.5.3 (released April, 30, 2010) Just have a look (even for ideas).
    Can’t both these projects collaborate? KParts anyone?

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