Looking for help for R

March 6, 2010

As you probably all know, Cantor currently has 4 available Backends: Sage, Maxima, KAlgebra and R. While the first 2 are in pretty good shape, as they are what I mainly use, and KAlgebra is maintained by apol, the R backend of Cantor is still lagging behind.

It started out as an afternoon hacking rush, and hasn’t changed much ever since. Mostly because I don’t have much usage for it at the moment.

While it does support the basics (running a command and showing the results) it does miss a lot of the nice features, Cantor is offering, like Tab-Completion, Syntax Highlighting or Assistant dialogs.

The feedback I got for Cantor so far tells that quite some people want to use R as backend, so I feel a bit bad that it is only a second class citizen in the family.

So I’m looking out for some help making the R support as good as the other backends (or even better). If you are a developer with needs for a nice statistical app and looking for a new challenge, please drop me a mail, and join the Cantor development.