About this blog


my name is Alexander Rieder, student at the Vienna University of Technology.

This Blog will be on my work inside KDE, and mostly on Cantor, a new Edu application in KDE 4.4 (Big announcement will follow)

So stay tuned


2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Matt says:

    I really like the syntax highlighting. Amazingly you even have highlighting for embedded python.

    Other than that though, how is this an improvement over the sage notebook? I mean what features does it have that I should be interested?

    Also can I publish a cantor worksheet as a sage notebook or convert it to a sage notebook?

    Just playing around with it a bit there are a couple of things that are missing in comparison to sage notebook. The first is the fact that I can annotate a notebook with html in between cells to make it look like a publishable document. The second is that I can publish it html and I can make my published document private, to those whom I choose to give access. Moreover the published document is active in the sense that you can edit the inputs and re-evalute the cells.

    • arieder says:

      the biggest advantage (from my point of view) is that it is a standalone desktop app, that blends in nicely with a KDE desktop, instead of being a web-app.
      other than that, it offers (as you said) syntax highlighting, and dialogs for common tasks.
      You cannot (easily) convert between cantor and sage notebooks, but you can export to a .sage script file.
      The annotation between cells is on my TODO list for the next release.

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